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Investment portfolio



20% net annual to customer, on average, Exceeded the recommended minimum investment time horizon

Currency :


Recommended time horizon:

In order to have probabilities of achieving the expected profit objective for the portfolio, it is recommended -but it is not mandatory- make the investment for a minimum period of 5 years.

Minimum investment:

USD 10,000
(amounts less than 35.000 U $ S may have occasional non-representative variations in relation to the Portfolio, where the master account begins to replicate symmetrically)


This portfolio achieves moderate returns in US dollars., absolute type, this is, that returns are independent of bullish or bearish movements in markets or in traded assets. For example, if EMERGE FUNDS invests against an asset (short or downward trade), any decrease in the price of said asset will result in a profit for our portfolio.

Trading type:

Speculative, very short term, and algorithmic type. Asset selection, selection of entry and exit points for operations, the choice of risks of each operation and of the portfolio as a whole, as well as portfolio optimization, are made through algorithms tested and probabilistically validated, following the standard processes of the scientific method and hypothesis validation.

This is accomplished by:

• Active administration
• Priority in capital conservation
• Prudence and discipline in risk management
• Do not carry out operations when there are no opportunities

Active Administration is understood, the analysis and constant search for investment opportunities that are profitable and independent of the bearish or bullish movements of the market.

The strategies used to detect market movements and selected assets have been tested and standardized, and consistently deliver results.

Legal structure:

Investment Advisor of Client's own account opened at Interactive Brokers LLC.


Good diversification must go beyond choosing different companies, from different sectors or from different countries. It must contain assets that belong to different markets that are not related to each other, or that - in any case- have inverse relationships. For this reason, beyond other diversification methods we use, We have created a Porfatolio that operates various trading systems (Algorithms) operating - both up and down- the following asset categories:

Within each category, assets are found that do not correlate with each other or whose trading systems are not correlated with each other. This makes the operations in one or the other asset respond to different events, so that a bad event for an asset does not affect the investments made in the rest.

For example, inside metals, gold, palladium, platinum, zinc, etc. Within energies is oil, gas, Coal, etc. Inside softs (harvests) the soy, rice, corn, cotton, within equities are all kinds of stocks from different countries and sectors, etc.

Why invest with EMERGE FUNDS

Investing through scientifically proven systems:

Our selection of investments arises from the detection of anomalies and objective patterns existing in the different markets, that can represent an investment opportunity both upward and downward

This selection is made by our systems based on algorithms that check during 24 hours of the day 10.000 daily values ​​in your search.

These algorithms - designed by our scientists based on mathematical analysis, statistical, computational and other scientific fields- set the best entry times, output and quantities to operate, as well as setting acceptable risk parameters, outside of which the operations are closed automatically for the protection of the administered capital, making the investor feel confident that his capital and accumulated earnings will be conserved in the medium and long term.

Access to Global opportunities:

Through EMERGE FUNDS, You can invest and make profits by accessing all kinds of opportunities that assets present in any stock market in the world, be it actions, Petroleum, oro, Soy, etc., either upward or downward, accessing - for example- to stock investments in the US, China, Russia, India and major emerging countries, without having to subscribe to Investment Funds by separate countries or regions.

The search, Their analysis and choice will be left to the algorithms that we have designed and programmed so that they act automatically in real time and without human intervention., whereupon all margin of error of subjective origin disappears.

Strict risk control:

Beyond diversification between different assets and markets, our systems act on the basis of mathematically predetermined and accepted risks, which are considered acceptable when opening a trade. This means that when the risks reach the established limits, risky trades are closed automatically, as a measure of protection of our capital.

Investment in US dollars:

The protection provided by investing in US dollars will not only free you from losses due to untimely devaluations in the value of your country's currency compared to other currencies., but it will imply for you a profit equivalent to the percentage of the devaluation.

International diversification:

Focusing on a single market can be detrimental to your investments. Through our funds, will be diversifying in different countries and markets. Not focusing on one will allow you to act on those who provide opportunities, and also withdraw in time from those who may cause you losses.

Independence of internal economic cycles:

Through our investment vehicles, You will be protected from any inconvenience and / or crisis that arises in the economy of your country.

Market security from where it operates:

All operations are channeled through the American Financial Markets.

. This implies two main benefits:

-intervention and surveillance of control agencies in all operations.

-Impossibility of your investment being confiscated and / or seized and / or cornered and / or compulsively exchanged by the government of your country.

High liquidity:

Since the investment is made by you. from your own account, you can leave it when you need it


At EMERGE FUNDS we have the philosophy that one should only charge for a job well done and objectives achieved. EMERGE FUNDS will receive its commission only in the case of increasing its capital. We share with our clients the same genuine interest in profit.

Thus, we do not have fixed administration fees.

So, as our objective is to generate profits for the investor, our Fee policy is consistent with it.

In this way, EMERGE FUNDS charges only on those earnings that we generate for you.

If we don't generate profit, we don't charge.

This is how we demonstrate our motivation to seek profitable opportunities for our investors, and our professionalism.

In the event of losses during the course of the investment -logs of variable income products-, EMERGE FUNDS will not receive any commission until the lost money is recovered, provided that the investor does not liquidate all or part of his investment. If the loss was profit on which commission has already been charged, EMERGE FUNDS will not receive any commission until such gain is recovered for the investor.

How do we do it

Our tools

We can generate additional income to that of your work or profession, and increase your capital above the profits offered by banks, Mutual funds, construction trusts, agrarian or financial.

But, How do we do it? Through:

The search for patterns and anomalies both in the assets we operate, as in the markets to which they belong, through the use of quantitative tools and algorithms designed by us, derived from mathematical and statistical analysis.

The use of these algorithms to establish with scientific precision the best combinations of assets to operate, among thousands of investment options, as well as the precise moments of purchase and sale of the same.

The use of the most advanced risk management and portfolio diversification formulas, to protect our investments in adverse times.

Active administration of your capital, by constantly searching for profitable investment opportunities.
Our commission structure, which consists of charging fees only on the profits we generate for you, and not on the invested capital.