Financial Advisory

We take care of our health by consulting medical experts. In addition, if we have legal issues we go for the best lawyers. Likewise, to achieve a successful management of personal, family or business capital, it is key to make a diagnosis and receive advice from verified financial Advisors.

Our professional team will provide you with advice on how to manage your financial investments consistently, according to the size of your capital, family members, age, and your middle and long-term objectives. Once we have defined your investment profile, we will give you financial advice and provide you with an appropriate strategy.

Investing in financial assets means investing a portion of your economic success, which is the result of many years of effort. In case you are already investing in financial assets, you could have advising to make decisions among different alternatives with the best cost-benefit and you could have better the results with the new investment, diversifying appropriately.

In order to optimize your results, it is essential that we know all the variables stemming from the investment analysis, following a systematic and orderly process in which we contrast alternatives (decision trees) and take into account the necessary diversification. Such diversification requires that an important part of your capital be placed in high liquidity resources to infuse some agility in case you need your capital unexpectedly.

A good strategy not only maximizes your capital gains, but it also prevents it from being attached to economic swings.

Due to all the above-mentioned circumstances, it is imperative that you analyze your strategy with qualified professionals.

Ideal scenario for capital diversification

Growth rate target: 15% annually in USD.

We are experts in financial assets and we can help you by providing a thorough service that will enable you to distribute your capital into different investment strategies. This will provide you with a balanced range between risk and liquidity. Our aim is that your capital grows constantly and stably for many years, profiting from our high-yield and risk-controlled portfolios, together with the other types of investments.
Our aim is to advice you so that your capital, based on your passive income (not based on your active income, deriving from your work) can steadily increase at a 15% rate annually.

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    To get to our destination, we need to go all the way through to the end. Setting our objectives and following through is what allow us to finally reach the established goals.

    Because you and your family need to walk through all the way to get home without having to fall into arrears the whole of your working life, to change your car, to give your children the education they deserve, to enjoy your retirement according to your lifestyle and that that will not depend on any government, are the reasons why you need financial planning in your life.

    Our team can make an initial diagnosis, to set short, middle and long term objectives so that you can start reaching the first step in your destination: BEING FINANCIALLY INDEPENDANT.

    Financial independence will allow you to stop resting on your source of income and start covering your costs with passive income, obtained from your investments.

    Therefore, we will need to decide what the critical mass destined to investment should be, so that you will not reduce your capital (and in turn increase your economic effort) in case you loose your source of income or part of it.

    Once that critical mass of your capital is covered, we will start increasing the portfolios through diversification outside the EQUITIES based on our professionals’ advice. With the interests generated by our portfolios, you will be able to place that surplus in buying shares of a commercial area, or build an off-plan property, for instance, as long as you have analysed the context and the variables so that you can make the most of the resources.

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