Investment portfolio

DESCRIPTION: Seeks to provide capital appreciation / moderate capital gains by investing in U.S. Capital Markets. The fund is suited for investors looking to increase overall portfolio diversification and looking to take advantage of potential opportunities in global financial markets through quantitative algorithmic trading.

TARGET: The aim of the Fund is to achieve returns averaging 15% to 20% net per annum for the qualified investor.


Recommended investment horizon: The recommended investment horizon to achieve the objectives of the portfolio is a minimum of 3 to 5 years. There is no mandatory holding period and there is not charge for early withdraws.

Minimum investment: $10,000 (USD­) (accounts under $35,000 (USD) may have reduced performance in comparison with the Master Portfolio).

Trading strategy: We employ short term, aggressive speculative strategies, using our qualitative algorithmic systems. All trading decisions are non-discretional and instead are based on mathematical probabilities, following standard scientific processes.

We accomplish our objectives by:
• Active administration
• Prioritizing capital conservation
• Prudence and discipline in the management of risk

Active Management is understood to be the constant analysis and search for investment opportunities (24/7)
Absolute returns: Returns are obtain through markets movements. Returns can be obtained in either Bull or Bear markets
The strategies used to determine asset selection and market trends have been tested, standardized, and validated to deliver consistent results.

Legal Structure
Brokerage Client Accounts are kept at TradeStation Securities Inc.. Emerge Funds maintains separately managed accounts for each costumer, and only the costumer has control of the money (can only transfer to account registered in the same name).
Clients can see the composition of the portfolio 24 hours per day.

The client has the protection of FINRA/FDIC for an amount up to $250.000 (USD) per account. If an account were a Joint account, it would be $500.000 (USD). In both cases, that guarantee is on the cash balance in the account.


Diversification must go beyond selecting different companies from different sectors or countries. The portfolio must contain unrelated assets, or those having inverse relationships. For this reason, beyond other diversification methods that we use, we have set up a Portfolio that operates using various trading systems (Algorithms) that include both long and short positions in the following categories of assets:

Within each category, there are assets and trading systems that do not correlate with each other. This insures that our trades in one or another asset respond to different events, so that an unfavorable event in one asset class does not affect the trades made in other asset classes.

Why should you invest with EMERGE FUNDS

Investing through our scientifically proven systems:
Our selection of investments arises from the detection of anomalies and objective patterns existing in different markets, which may afford long or short investment opportunities.

This selection is made by our Artificial Intelligence Systems based on quantitative algorithms. The system screens over 11,000 asset prices, 24 hours a day.
These algorithms are designed by our AI scientists based on mathematical, statistical, computational analysis and other scientific fields – establishing the most efficient entry and exit points, position sizing, as well as setting acceptable risk parameters. This helps our investors feel confident that their capital and accumulated earnings will be protected in the medium and long terms.

Access to Global opportunities:
Through EMERGE FUNDS, you will be able to invest in any financial market in the world, whether it is stocks, commodities, futures etc., whether they are long or short positions. Including markets in the US, Europe, China, Russia, India and all emerging markets. This without having to subscribe to investment funds in separate countries or regions.
Our research, analysis and selection of assets is done by algorithms that have been designed and programmed by us to operate automatically in real time and without any human intervention, thereby eliminating any margin of error due to subjective opinion.

Strict risk control:
Predetermined stop limits on all positions. This means that when positions reach established lost levels, they are closed out automatically.

Investment in US dollars:
All investments are denominated in USD.

Regional diversification:
Focusing on just one market can be detrimental to your portfolio. Through our fund, you will be diversifying in different countries and markets.

Secure access to the market:
All orders are channeled through licensed U.S. Brokers.

High liquidity:
Immediate withdrawal privilege of cash. No penalties for early liquidation of account.


At EMERGE FUNDS, our philosophy is that one should charge for a job well done. EMERGE FUNDS will charge a performance fee for capital gains and no other charges. We participate with our clients as the portfolio grows.
In the event a customer account suffer a loss, no fees will be charged until the previous loss balance has been recovered (provided that the investor does not liquidate part or all of their investment).