Frequently Asked Questions

Does investing at EFI (Emerge Funds Investments) entail investing in an omnibus account?

No, it doesn’t. In order to register with EFI, you will first need to open an online investment brokerage account at TradeStation Securities Inc., requesting it in the next form (clic here). Our account opening team will e-mail you the invitation and walk you through the set up process.

In other words: You invest using your own investment brokerage account. Only you can make deposits and withdraw funds or financial assets in your account at TradeStation Securities Inc., and only from or towards a bank account or an investment brokerage account under your name.

Are results and operations audited and controlled by public or private organisations?

Even though you can access your holdings, results and operations in your own investment brokerage account, like in any other bank account, all movements are controlled by the F.I.N.R.A. and the S.E.C., both stock market and financial control organisms in the U.S.A.

Are there any registration or withdrawal costs?

EFI does not charge for any of these.

What is the cost for operating with EFI?

EFI does not have fixed costs. If we get you a return on your investment, we charge you. If we generate loss, whether on your initial investment or even on your profits, from which we have already charged you, we won’t charge you again until you have recovered the loss, unless you decide to settle your investment totally or partially before our company can recover that loss, in which case we won’t be able to make the recovery.

EFI charges a quarterly fee of 50% of the profits we generate, as long as we haven’t charged you before. Therefore, you will be paying only for a job well done. We both share a common goal: Making profits.

In order to invest, do I have to send money to EFI?

No, you don’t. You will need to transfer funds from any bank or investment account of yours to the investment brokerage account you have already opened under your name at TradeStation Securities Inc. You can also transfer financial assets (shares, bonds, etc.) from another brokerage account of yours to you TradeStation Securities Inc. account. Both the account from which you make the transfer and the newly opened account at TradeStation Securities Inc. should be in the name of the same person or people, that is to say, the must have the same ownership.

Where can I see the evolution of the fund?

You can see it at any moment live logging into your account at TradeStation Securities Inc. in the Reports section, mainly under Net Asset Value, and other related sections.

Why you should try us out.

You will be able to check the results of your investment brokerage account, that will in turn reflect the master account of the fund, that has been managing capital from our clients for approximately 15 years, only charging our professional fee when we make a return. Logically, no one would like to work for free and make unhappy clients that would withdraw quickly from the fund, generating administrative fees. This is not our case: We hold so many years of outstanding professional background and 25-year know-how.

Is there any possibility the fund might take my money?

Absolutely NOT. You will invest in an account to your name with the safest and most important broker in the world, controlled by the F.I.N.R.A. and the S.E.C., and whose paying agent is one of the leading banks in the world: Citibank. Only you will be entitled to transfer money from and to an account of yours (same name, mirror account). In any case, we invite you to contact TradeStation Securities Inc. and check by yourself if there is any chance we can withdraw money from your account.

So, how do your operations work?

As you designate us as Investment Advisor of your account, you are authorising us to operate in your account. This entails buying, selling or hedging according to the operations our algorithms are running in our portfolio. Every time our robot buys or sells an asset of the Fund, TradeStation Securities Inc. will automatically do the same in your account according to the operating funds in your account. For instance, if we buy IBM shares with 1% of the Fund and you have an account with USD 50,000, the robot will instantly buy for your account USD 500 of IBM shares, which equals 1% of your account.